Umbraco Content Driven Website for Durham University Badminton

We work exclusively with Umbraco 8 for CMS (Content Management System) for content drive websites, home pages, business landing pages and portfolio sites. 

For e-commerce, we specialise in Magento 2.

Both platforms are open source, highly scalable and highly customizable, creating possiblities that greatly exceed those of other options such as WordPress, Drupal, Shopify and Woocommerce. Our philosophy in choosing these platforms is simple. We believe that: 

  • Businesses should have the power to differentiate themselves to create strong service and product based USPs (Uniuqe Sales Propositions), both now and as the business grows in the future. 
  • Businesses should not be tied into specific providers; and have the freedom to move services as their business grows and the needs change.

Umbraco, CMS, Web Design